Transkribus is a comprehensive platform for the automated recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents.

The AI-powered Transkribus platform

The aim of Transkribus is to support all those involved in the transcription of historical, printed or handwritten documents.

Transkribus provides a range of tools for automated document capture, including AI-powered handwritten text recognition (HTR), image recognition (layout analysis) and structure recognition (document understanding).

TranskribusLite (v1.0.5)

Lite version of Transkribus with enhanced usability. To use all features offered by Transkribus please install full version. Download

Manage collections

Manage collections and upload documents to the collection. Sort or filter by text field to easily find your collection. Link documents or manage user roles/access to collections.

Upload images

Automated processes can only be performed if the documents are uploaded to the Transkribus platform. TranskribusLite can process JPG and PNG. For PDF and TIFF files please use Transkribus.


View your documents and all corresponding versions. Select between page, text and combined view.


Transcribe the text in the segmented lines. Right-click lets you tag words or phrases. Please save your changes before leaving the edit view.


Search for terms across documents and collections. Filters for Collection, Uploader etc. narrow down the number of results, to let you find exactly what you where searching for.

Recognition alpha

First select a document to run the recogntion on. Then choose a fitting model and finally select the pages. The status of the recognition job can be checked in Jobs.


List all jobs and get information about the job's progress. Click on an entry to get to the corresponding document.

Credit Manager

Manage your credits by assigning them to or removing them from collections.