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* [[Media:Testprojekte_in_Transkribus.pdf |Testprojekte in Transkribus - für Archive und Bibliotheken]]
* [[Media:Testprojekte_in_Transkribus.pdf |Testprojekte in Transkribus - für Archive und Bibliotheken]]
===Download Example Package===
* Download the [[Media: Example_Package.zip |Example Package]]. It is a ZIP file and consists of six pages where we explain and show some of the most important rules for transcribing text.  You can upload these pages to Transkribus and play around with them!
* Download also the [[Media: Example_Package_Export.zip |export files]] of the Example Package as they can be produced by Transkribus at any time. You will find
** a PDF file with image in the foreground, text in the background, extra text pages and highlighted tags
** a TEI XML file for experts (XML tagged according to the Text Encoding Initiative)
** a Word File with line breaks according to the original document and highlighted tags
===Questions and Answers===
===Questions and Answers===

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How to use Transkribus - in 10 steps (or less)

This paper and video give newcomers a basic overview of how to work with the Transkribus platform.

How To Papers

These papers provide a more detailed introduction to Transkribus and should answer some of your initial questions.

Anleitungen auf Deutsch

Questions and Answers

In the Questions and Answers section we try to respond to some of the common questions of new users. The Q&A gives you a good impression on the variety of issues which come up but which can also be solved when transcribing a text with Transkribus.

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