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===For beginners===
===For beginners===
* [[Media:How_to_use_TRANSKRIBUS_-_10_steps.pdf |Paper - How To use Transkribus - in 10 steps (or less)]]
* [[Media:How_to_use_TRANSKRIBUS_-_10_steps.pdf | How To use Transkribus - in 10 steps (or less)]]

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Transkribus - User agreement

Video tutorials

How To Papers - in English

For beginners



Layout Analysis

Handwritten Text Recognition


Other Transkribus tools

Anleitungen - auf Deutsch

Instructions en francais

Questions and Answers

In the Questions and Answers section we try to respond to some of the common questions of new users. The Q&A gives you a good impression on the variety of issues which come up but which can also be solved when transcribing a text with Transkribus.

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